Practical Life Woodworking

All children love to work with their hands. Practical life activities engage children in a meaningful series of sequenced movements that involve the intellect, hand and will. Children develop skills with repeated practice. They become independent, successful and self confident.

Children Can Build!
A clear teacher manual for successful woodworking with children ages 3 to 9. Tools, supplies, equipment, activities and projects are sequentially presented. This “recipe book” guides teachers with or without woodworking experience to prepare great work.
Children Can Build More!
The second in a series. Tools, supplies, equipment, new activities and projects. Make a chair, table, paddle boat, guitar, harp, rubber band board and more. This book has step by step photographs to guide the teacher, parent and child.
Includes the following 2 books: 1. Children Can Build 2. CHildren Can Build More
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This 2 x 4 inch white pine sanding block fits a child's hand just right! Use it at the workbench when doing a project. Children delight in sanding a rough piece of wood smooth or rounding a corner on an airplane they have built.