Practical Life Woodworking

All children love to work with their hands. Practical life activities engage children in a meaningful series of sequenced movements that involve the intellect, hand and will. Children develop skills with repeated practice. They become independent, successful and self confident.

Wonderful Woodworking For Children
Woodworking is purposeful work that engages our hands, mind and heart! Set up woodworking in the classroom or home. Children learn how to use real tools and build real things! Includes project cards with step by step photos and where to purchase materials and how to prep them! Projects include the Hand Harp, Amazing Animal, The Bed, Table, Chair and more. This work is done with adult supervision.
This 2 x 4 inch white pine sanding block fits a child's hand just right! Use it at the workbench when doing a project. Children delight in sanding a rough piece of wood smooth or rounding a corner on an airplane they have built.