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ONLINE ORDERS: We ship Fed EX, USPS and UPS. Pdfs download after payment. Click on the download button. If you did not get a download email us at laughing star@mac.com Or call 513-675-1555.

GUARANTEE- Not satisfied with a material send it back for a refund, replacement or exchange.

DONATIONS & GIFTS- We donate to schools in need, orphanages and homeless shelters or where needed.

OUR PLASTIC CARDS are made in a factory in Dayton, Ohio. They are high quality, shelf ready, easy to clean, long lasting, die-cut and will not separate ever. They have been in some classrooms for 18 years and still look good.

PDF LAMINATED CARDS: PDFs cost less; have to be printed (ink, paper), laminated, cut out; produces a lot of laminate trash that does not recycle and takes a lot of time! A school did a study and concluded far better to buy plastic as the end product is so much better for the long term.

PDF IS COPYRIGHT Laughing Star Montessori LLC and intended for the sole use of the purchaser. Purchaser may not resell or re-distribute this material.

WRITING WORKSHOPS: Half day and full day workshops. Includes presentation and practicum.

QUESTIONS ABOUT BEAUTIFUL HANDWRITING? Email Susan at laughingstar@mac.com

ABOUT BHW: The first writing books were created in 1990 and used by several schools. Materials copied into books and were given away for 6 years by the school. With many request I had to began printing them and selling them. As they were used students and teachers made suggestions that were tried and implemented. I have been in a classroom using them since that time until 2018 when I retired from teaching. This has been quite a research project!

CONTACT INFORMATION-8725 Davis Rd, Maineville, OH 45039. 513-675-1555. e-mail: or laughingstar@mac.com Laughing Star Montessori LLC is owned by Susan and Mark Scheibenzuber.