Geography - World Classification-Ecology Cards

Early Childhood and Elementary Card Versions In the EC classroom promote a love of the natural world. The cards are simple to sort. Name the subjects and read the simple sentences. This card format was created by Montessori Kindergarten students in 1996! It promotes literacy! These cards promote a lot of student discussion and interaction.

Years later many of the K students began choosing their favorite and drawing it in their journal. Some copied the sentences. Some copied just the name. Others wrote their own. For some we would write it in pencil or a yellow marker and they would trace over it!

This spontaneous activity by our students persisted year after year. I have now seen it in other classrooms where students have journals!

World Card Series for Early Childhood & Elementary
Student matches the photo cards to the label cards - simple classification by continent. Name subjects you know! Great reading - the sentences are simple for beginning readers! Use cards for What's Missing and Memory. Students can draw a picture or copy the sentence in their writing journal. Kindergartners find this work delightful.

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Explore the world with our simple, beautiful continent cards and writing books. Students match photo cards to label cards and read the simple sentences. After the cards are laid out use the command cards to build literacy skills. They like doing this work with a friend, too! Some are inspired to draw a picture and write a sentence or story about their favorite in their journals.

The writing work is set up in baskets so they can choose it themselves. My students always had a folder they could put their work in. When they completed it all they turned into a project book with covers!
Land and Water Cards by the Continent Primary & Elementary
These cards are sold by continent. Photo cards are sorted to the land and water label cards. The Primary Version for ages 3-6 include the name of the place. The Elementary Version has the photo with a sentence. Some students like to sketch their favorite in their journal and write the name or sentence. Our cards are made in the USA and have been in schools for over 20 years!
Labeled World Ecology Cabinet With Plastic Cards EC
This labeled cabinet holds 9 sets of plastic cards. Includes Amphibians, Birds, Fish, Mammals, Reptiles, People, Sacred Places, Transportation and Tree Cards. All sets of cards have Continent Cards that the work is matched to.

Students like to name the subjects and read the simple sentences. Some like to draw the picture in their journal and copy or write the name or sentence. Students like doing this work together. Often they sit and discuss the subjects and share their thoughts about them.

Teachers describe this work as a great introduction to the World and a great literacy builder. Used by 3's, 4's, and 5-6's!
World Ecology Cabinet With Cards Elementary
This cabinet holds 9 sets of World Cards. (Version shown is not Elementary-will be soon!) Includes Amphibians, Birds, Fish, Mammals, Reptiles, People 1, Sacred Places, Transportation and Trees. Elementary sentences include simple information about the subjects. Students like to read the sentences. Extend the work into writing, research, drawing or graphing. You may substitute any of our other cards - vertebrate grouping, deciduous & evergreen, corals & sponges, people 2........Fish and People include story and question cards.