Science 3 Part Cards For 3-6, 6-9: Weather, Trees, Volcanoes...

Cave Formations
Caves are underground landscapes formed by the forces of erosion. Carbonic acid in water dissolves rock and forms passages and mineral formations. Caves cover 10% of the earth and occur in temperate, tropical, alpine and polar biomes. They are called Karst landscapes. About 1/4th of the world's people depend on water supplied by karst areas.
Deciduous and Evergreen Tree Sorting Cards
For EC & EL: Students sort 14 tree photo cards under double sided deciduous or evergreen labels. Line the sentences up by the photos and read the story of photosynthesis. Good for one student or many!

"Even my students who cannot read the story like the mystery of picking a card and placing it where they think it goes. A simple great work for 2! " EC teacher, SC
Explore the realms of space with our space cards! Set One includes celestial objects students may be familiar with. Set Two includes celestial and man-made objects.

The version for Ages 3-6 includes 3 part nomenclature cards. It also includes a set of sentence cards as a reading extension.

The elementary version includes 3 part cards. The control card is double sided with the photo name on the front and the definition and answer to the who am I question on the back. There definition cards and who am I cards.

The Space Writing Book is also available as a writing extension. Students can trace or copy names and sentences. They can make a moon book!
Sponges & Corals
Coral reefs are made by tiny plant-like coral animals.The reef is ancient. It is called the rainforest of the sea. Pollution, disease and rising sea water temperatures are killing reefs around the world.

There are 7 photo cards for sponges and a label card. There are 7 photo cards for corals and a label card. Primary (3-6) has photo-name cards. Elementary has photo-sentence cards.
Volcano Card Work
Students are fascinated by volcanoes. Our volcano work includes 8 subjects. There is a primary (ages 3-6) and an elementary version.

This is a wonderful work to use when doing land, air and water work in the classroom. One 4 year old said to another, " The earth makes new land by making a volcano."
Vertebrate Grouping Plastic Cards
Plastic Cards - Classroom Ready! 30 Cards: 20 Photo-Sentence Animal Cards that can be matched under the 5 Photo Control Cards. 5 Characteristics Cards align so that students can compare how each vertebrate is the same and different.

Good basic material for both classrooms.
Weather Cards for the 3-6 Classroom
Our weather cards are divided into 2 sets. The first Set - Set 1 has types of weather in it that are common and that children may know. We have chosen pictures with children in them for this work! Includes clouds, fog, frost, hail, lightning, rain, rainbow, snow, sun and wind.

The second set - Set 2 has subjects that can be considered weather often relating to natural or man-made disasters. Subjects include: blizzard, cyclone, dust devil, flood, hurricane, sandstorm, smog, snowstorm, tornado, wildfire