About Us

We've made Montessori cards and Beautiful Handwriting Materials since 1996. This method and the materials for writing was created by Susan Scheibenzuber, a Montessori teacher and a group of Montessori teachers. It has evolved for over 26 years of observing students and teachers who use it! There is a reason why we do what we do with BHW- much observation and discussion with students!

We teach Beautiful Handwriting Workshops and offer School Consultations and Training. We do these in person or on Zoom. When you purchase our BHW materials you do so for each classroom that is using it or a school license. Please honor us for our work.

Laughing Star is owned by Mark and Susan Scheibenzuber. Check out Montessori Handwriting or Laughing Star Montessori on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MontessoriHandwriting/

We accept credit cards and paypal. E-mail Purchase Orders to laughingstar@mac.com Conferences we have attended include MATENN, Montessori In The Mountains, UMSI, SCMA, Montessori Foundation, Mepi, CMS, AMS, SE Montessori Collective, and others.