Free PDF's

Free Calendar for the month of July. Tracer and blank versions! Students use markers to trace or write numerals. They color the calendar in their own unique ways! They delight in this work!
Beautiful Handwriting Teacher Guide
This PDF Booklet is free. It is a guide to the Beautiful Handwriting Method and Materials that were created in Montessori classrooms. Includes information on how children learn to write, and when to present the materials so they can do independent work. Present Writing Formation Work with the 3 Period Lesson ~ TRACE, COPY, COMPOSE. BHW has been used in many schools and by many parents since 1992.

"Written language can be acquired more easily by children of four years than those of six. While children of six usually need at least two years to learn how to write children of four years learn this second language within a few months." Dr. Maria Montessori BH