Letter Tracing

Letter Writing Book
Letter Writing Book
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Students like to learn how to form letters. Tracer sheets include a-e, f-j, k-o, p-t, t-z, blank templates and the whole alphabet. Copy the pages, cut them into half page sheets and display them in a basket with alphabetized dividers. Guide students to take one page at a time up to their age. Have half page colored paper available for book covers. Students pick a front and back cover. Books can be stapled and the covers decorated! 16 Pages

We introduce the alphabet in alphabetical sequence. Years ago we did not. We used a different method. Several students asked us, "Why are the letters mixed up?" We asked, "How do want them?" We want it to be like we sing the ABC song." We asked, "Why?" They responded, "We know it that way." We changed it and kept out 2 baskets. We tracked the usage for 2 months. The alphabetical one was always chosen over the mixed up letters. We interviewed the students and they all agreed that they liked the ones that they knew.