Amphibian Cards ~ Primary 3-6 and Elementary Versions

Includes common, unusual and endangered frogs, toads and salamanders. Sort them by continent, name them, read sentences! Copy the sentences or make your own!

Includes 31 cards, 4 x 2.5 inches: 24 photo and 7 continent cards. 4 amphibians per continent.

World Amphibian Early Childhood Plastic Cards
Great work for science or geography! Simple introduction to animals! Fire belly newts swim in cold ponds. Reed frogs sing at night. The tomato frog is red.
World Amphibian Elementary Plastic Cards
Includes 31 plastic cards, 4 x 2.5 inches: 24 photo and 7 continent cards; 4 amphibians per continent. (Science-Vertebrates-Amphibians)

"Forest green tree frogs lay eggs in trees. Tadpoles drop into the water below." "Cave salamanders feed on worms and insects. They are nocturnal."
World Amphibians Early Childhood PDF Cards
PDF Version. Print, laminate and cut for a great card material. "The common toad jumps with all 4 legs." "The spade foot toad digs with its hind legs." "The salamander digs a burrow."
World Amphibian Cards Elementary PDF Cards
This PDF includes 24 Photo Cards and 7 Continent Cards; 4 Amphibians per continent, excluding Antarctica. (Science-Vertebrates-Amphibians)

"The Cape ghost frog has sticky pads on its feet. It climbs steep rocks." "The bullfrog has webbed toes. Males croak at night. Females lay eggs."